Face to Face with the Original Sarawak Noodles

History of Face to Face Noodle House
Face to Face with

the Original Sarawak Noodles

Face to Face Noodle House is more than meets the eye. It’s heritage and history of how it came to be goes back to about a century ago inspired by Jook Sing noodles made by our founder’s great grandfather.

In 1903, our founder’s great grandfather left China to Hong Kong and acquired the art of making Jook Sing noodles; one of the rarest forms of noodle making. It’s a technique whereby the noodles were made from mixing eggs, flour and other ingredients together by hand and then riding a bamboo log to knead the dough to produce chewy, springy noodles. Bringing that knowledge and expertise with him, he opened his own noodle shop and pioneered the well known and loved Kolok Mee when he decided to settle in Dalat Oya, Sarawak in Malaysia.

With the vision of bringing authentic and high quality Sarawak noodles to the masses, we believe in not only creating good food but having sincere “face to face” connections with customers. This was how the name of our business came to be.

As the business expands to accommodate a variety of customer’s tastes, we have diversified our menu to include various interpretations of the Kolok Mee and Pan Mee. Each dish is complemented with different types of hand made sauces, chilli and sambal. Thanks to the positive word-of-mouth from satisfied customers, we managed to expand to 30 outlets across 7 states in Malaysia and a presence in Taipei, Taiwan. With a culinary heritage of over 100 years, enhanced by a contemporary twist, you could say this is merely a taste of better things to come.

面对面的故事该从百年前说起… 1903年, 面对面创办人的曾曾祖父离开中国,漂洋过海到香港寻找人生的转机。他在当地的一家酒楼找到一份学徒工作,勤勉用心的他终获得主厨的认同与信赖,并授于“竹升面”的制作奇绝。

之后年满23的他决定南下来到马来西亚, 砂拉越, Dalat Oya,开始经营属于自己的面档。他运用所精通的制面技巧在当地亲手用竹杆打面,富嚼劲口感的面条深受当地人的爱戴并称之为“Mee Kolok”。




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