frequently asked questions

Getting started

Must I have the F2F Kaki app on my mobile phone to be a member?

Yes - you will need to use the F2F Kaki app to sign up for your membership, earn points and stand a chance to redeem your exclusive app-only deals and rewards. The app will also be our primary way of communicating with you about your membership.

How do I download the F2F Kaki app?

It’s easy! You can download and install the F2F Kaki app from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Or scan the QR code displayed at our stores or printed on your order receipt.

Do I get a F2F Kaki card after signing up?

Why carry another physical card when it’s stored in your phone? Your membership will be a digital version available within the app on your mobile.

Do I have to pay for the membership?

Of course not! But if you would be so kind as to give us an honest review via the F2F Kaki app, that will be fantastic!

How does the points system work?

It’s really simple. You earn points by showing our cashier your unique member code when placing your order. The value of your purchase will be accumulated as points.

Is there a minimum spend required to earn points?

There is no minimum spend required. We would love to reward anyone who enjoys any noodles in our stores!

Using F2F Kaki app

How do I activate my account after signing up?

For account verification, you’ll receive a 6-digit verification code via WhatsApp or SMS. Key in this code when you log in for the first time and you’re all set.

Why didn’t I receive the 6-digit verification code?

Please ensure that you’ve provided a correct and active Malaysian mobile number and request for the code again. If you have provided the correct mobile number, you should receive the code within 30 minutes. If you’re still waiting after eating 5 bowls of Pan Mee, 3 Sarawak Laksa, 1 portion of fried dumplings, 2 french toast and 3 iced Milo please contact us via WhatsApp (+6018 9722 620) or email (

Can I earn points for ordering a delivery?

No - you can only earn points if you dine-in or tapau at any of our stores within Malaysia.

I just placed my order and paid at the counter, how long does it take for my points to be updated in the app?

To ensure that your points are chewy and springy enough, it needs to go through the Jook-Sing technique and rest overnight before its ready to be used. You’ll receive a notification when your points are ready at 9am the next day.

What rewards do I get as a member?

Apart from being our “kaki”, you will be able to redeem exclusive app-only deals and rewards. For more goodies, look out for the latest deals in the rewards catalogue which will spring up as a surprise! Don’t miss it!

How do I earn bonus rewards?

From time to time, we will release fun and interactive games that you can play to win a free meal or win HUGE prizes!

How do I redeem rewards?

To make a redemption, just show our Cashier the code for the reward that you would like to redeem. All rewards redeemed are final and will not be eligible for exchange of cash nor any other rewards. In other words, you cannot change your mind. Please check our terms and conditions for more details.

Can I redeem more than one reward at a time?

You can only redeem one reward per transaction. But if you are feeling generous and would like to redeem more than one reward for your family and friends, just ask the Cashier to split the bill into multiple transactions.

How can I check my available points and the rewards catalogue?

You can view this information in the Rewards tab within the F2F Kaki app.

Will my points expire after a certain time?

To ensure the freshness and quality of any dish, we are not supposed to use expired ingredients. Similarly with your points, they are valid for 6 months, and expire thereafter. For example, points collected in January 2019 will expire in July 2019.

Will my rewards expire?

Yes - we offer a variety of rewards and replace them from time to time. It’s actually the perfect excuse to eat more Pan Mee or Sarawak Mee! Remember to check the rewards terms and conditions to avoid disappointment.