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  • Sarawak Laksa

    Sarawak Laksa

  • Traditional Bee Hoon (Dry)

    Traditional Bee Hoon (Dry)

  • Traditional Bee Hoon (Soup)

    Traditional Bee Hoon (Soup)

  • Ipoh Hor Fen

    Ipoh Hor Fen

  • Penang Char Koay Teow

    Penang Char Koay Teow

Rice Noodles

Fine, silky smooth and filled with bite, our Rice Noodles go perfectly with broths, sauces and soups as well as a variety of tasty toppings. These delicious noodles are found in our sumptuous Sarawak Laksa, a unique variant that’s very different from the usual Curry Laksa, as the broth contains a specially blended Sarawak Sambal Laksa paste that gives it a rich, unique flavour.

Topped with Julienned omelette, tender chicken, juicy prawns and bean sprouts, complete with a squeeze of lime and accompanied by a generous dollop of fiery sambal belacan, it’s no wonder those who’ve tasted it always come back for more.