Face to Face with the
Original Sarawak Noodles

The story of Face To Face began over 100 years ago, with the founder’s great-grandfather, who, in 1903, left China for Hong Kong to seek his fortune. After finding a job as a chef’s assistant in a local restaurant and winning the Chef’s trust through his diligence, he was allowed the opportunity to learn the art of making Jook Sing noodles, considered one of the rarest forms of noodle-making in existence.

Then at age 23, he arrived on Malaysian shores, starting his own noodle stall in Dalat Oya, Sarawak. Here, he pioneered the now-ubiquitous Sarawakian Kolok Mee, using homemade noodles created with the technique he had mastered in Hong Kong, that is by mixing eggs, flour and other ingredients together by hand, then riding a bamboo log to knead the dough and produce chewy, springy noodles.

Fast forward to nearly a century later, where the founder of Face To Face decided to start a restaurant featuring the unique noodle-making technique inherited from his great-grandfather, as a means of bringing authentic and high quality Sarawak noodles to the masses. Over and above that, his personal belief in consistently making sincere face to face connections with his customers became the backbone of his business philosophy, and eventually inspired the name of his restaurant; Face To Face Noodle House.

With the vision of becoming The Home of Original Sarawak Noodles, Face To Face seeks to create a brand new niche in the local F&B industry. Apart from serving variations of Sarawak Noodles, Face To Face has also diversified its menu to include various interpretations of Pan Mee, made using the same age-old technique. Each creation is then complemented by different types of homemade sauces, chili and sambal, developed to be a perfect fit for a particular broth or cooking style.

Over the years, the quality of Face To Face creations has captured the hearts, and stomachs, of the masses. Today, with minimal advertising but plenty of positive word-of-mouth from satisfied customers, Face To Face has expanded to 30 outlets within Malaysia, with more on the way. With a culinary heritage of over 100 years, enhanced by a contemporary twist, you could say this is merely a taste of better things to come.