The story of Face To Face began over 100 years ago, with the founder’s great-grandfather, who, in 1903, left China for Hong Kong to seek his fortune. After finding a job as a chef’s assistant in a local restaurant and winning the Chef’s trust through his diligence, he was allowed the opportunity to learn the art of making Jook Sing noodles, considered one of the rarest forms of noodle-making in existence.

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To Eat

How to Enjoy Face to Face Noodle

To get the most out of your Face to Face Noodle experience, follow these steps below:

eat 1

1. Order and wait for your bowl of delectable handmade noodles to arrive.

eat 2

2. Stir all the toppings together to spread the flavour around; if there's an egg, make sure you break the yolk and mix it in thoroughly!

eat 3

3. Add a dollop of your favourite chili or sambal preparation. Want an explosive experience? Put in a little of everything!

eat 4

4. Mix everything together again, and enjoy your noodles! And remember, it's OK to slurp!

Pan Mee with a Sarawakian Twist

Affordable to make, nutritious and deliciously filling, Pan Mee is a common household Malaysian Chinese dish.

At Face to Face, we use the traditional Sarawakian method inspired by the age-old Jook-Sing technique, to make our Pan Mee, resulting in noodles that truly stand out in terms of its excellent texture, elasticity, smoothness, colour and nutrition, all without using any preservatives or alkali. Want to learn how to tell the difference? Just bite into our noodles, and experience the smooth, chewy and exquisite mouthfeel for yourself.


Variety, the Spices of Life

At Face to Face, we’re constantly creating and innovating brand new variants of Sarawak noodles and Pan Mee to keep things fresh, each accompanied by the perfect homemade condiments, chili and sambal sauces to tantalise your tastebuds.

For lovers of the classics, a bowl of homemade noodles served with oodles of minced pork, crispy anchovies and a juicy sunny-side-up egg hits all the right spots, especially when accompanied with our popular, freshly-made chili. Like things hot? Our Hot & Spicy variant might just turn the heat up a degree or two.

To really get things sizzling, our Sichuan “mala” variants, literally “numbing spiciness”, is bound to leave you with scorched lips, a torched tongue and a superheated stomach. Served with a generous portion of sliced pork, mustard tuber and Chinese cabbage in a spicy broth enhanced by a sprinkle of sesame, every drop of sweat will be well worth it.

From savoury mushroom broths to slurp-worthy soupy sensations, you’re bound to come face to face with your favourite style.


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